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  • "Shentong" glass fiber products, will be

    Publication date:2016-08-22 The article editor:Shentong Views:99

    Yuyao Shentong Fiberglass Co., Ltd. 

    Specialized in the alkali-coated glass fiber reinforced material (mesh fabric) development and production. After many years of business enterprises, has reached a certain scale, covering an area more than 5000 square meters, annual production and sales alkali-coated glass fiber mesh cloth 15 million square meters, have a certain reputation at home and abroad. 

    Company has the scientific production technology and strict quality control so that the "supernatural" fiberglass mesh fiberglass cloth has passed national product quality supervision and inspection center, the authority of the national building materials testing center, testing, quality control materials by the State Professional Committee approved . The product has good resistance to alkali, acid resistance, flexibility and latitude and longitude to the high tensile strength, the cement products in the structure plays an important role in enhancing thermal insulation used in walls, light weight wall panels, European component, gypsum products, flue, marble, mosaic, concrete, roofing, new building materials such as glass, steel products, enhanced. 

    "Shentong" glass fiber products, will become wise and regret the choice of the user. 

    The company is located in the middle of the regional transportation Ningshao plain is very convenient, there are 329 national